Here I am…


Hi to everyone, according to blog guides in this first post I should describe my self and why users should read my blog. In reality I just needed a place where to write freely about my experiences with different products/technologies.

You can find here security related articles, specific Microsoft technology posts , some experiences with some Big Data products/platforms and also some other collateral stuff.

Sometimes I loved that stuff , some other I hated with all my self, but in the end in both cases the important thing it’s the experience coming from it.

Several times even if I was working on something that was non particularly interesting I discovered precious info that it became really useful later on other projects.

Of course it also happens the opposite , working on something nice and you discover things that will became later very useful .

Just an example that comes to my mind :

I was reading for personal interest Stefan Esser findings on IOS jailbreak and from that I figured out a bit some strategies that Apple uses to handle kernel memory and this became fundamental later when I started to help a team that was struggling to design a decent protection on their app from memory dumps.

My primary objective with this it’s not to showcase something but receive primarily a feedback on some activities that I’m doing .

Good or bad feedback does not matter, it’s just interesting to hear multiple voices and ideas.



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